Meeting Minutes Aug-17-2015

Lisa D’Augustine opened the meeting at 7:00pm at Ridgetop Baptist Church. There were 6 attendants.

The RNA account balance was not reported and will be followed up on to be reported at the next meeting.

  • No new Travis County public/private venture updates- Billy
  • Bullfight expected opening on Labor Day with ~17 self park spaces and ~20 valet spaces- Clint
Additional Topics
  • If there is interest in a neighborhood information session regarding variance applications for neighborhood zoning compliance (discussed in relation to out of code garages, specifically), please contact a RNA officer.
  • Lisa led a discussion with group support to vote on amending the RNA by-laws to move officer elections from January to May for upcoming and subsequent elections. This change is intended to allow new officers time to become experienced in handling development requests before the most common filing period. This will be voted on during the October meeting.
  • The new RNA website is progressing:
  • COA conducted a traffic volume study on 53rd ½ and is planning on conducting a speed study next
  • A social meet up has tentatively been scheduled as the next NA event for September 20th in the afternoon with details to follow.

Meeting Closed at 8:15 pm by Lisa D’Augustine

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