Meeting Minutes from Jun-20-2016

Meeting opened at 7:03p by President Lisa D

-Introductions from all attendees

-Call for volunteers- although we try to keep the work as minimal as possible, we are sorely in need of some volunteers. There are always opportunities for volunteers, whether it is task specific or general involvement. Shoot us a message on our website if you are interested.

-Officer nominations/election:

President: Lisa D

VP: Meredith B

Morningside Sector VPs: Geri and Matt P

Harmon Sector VP: Jenica

Treasurer: Billy P

Secretary: Ann P

Motion made by Lisa D and seconded by Kim H to for a straight up and down vote rather than voting on each officer nomination. The nominations were unanimously approved.


Lisa D

-Hixon Storage at roughly 56th 1/2 and the frontage road has undergone demolition of the old structure and is proceeding according to schedule.

-The Alcove project at 51st and 35 has removed a story from their building plans, will be 32’ high, with the same aesthetics. Breaking ground in Sept.

-Travis county development at 53rd 1/2 and airport: currently reviewing finalist proposals, will hopefully have more information and neighborhood outreach on that once proposal is accepted.

-Manos de Cristo has some homeless camper issues at night according to nearby residents, Lisa D will reach out to Manos to ask for “No Trespassing” signs to be posted in order to allow APD enforcement. Also requesting more information on construction timeline.

-Discussion of history and several current projects involving/affecting 53rd 1/2 St traffic, speeding, roundabouts, and sidewalks, and other traffic mitigating options

-City of Austin and Tree Folks will be giving away tons of trees to north loop this summer. The North Loop Contact Team will be meeting to assist in coordinating this effort. Stay tuned for more updates.