Meeting Minutes from May-07-2018

Minutes from the May 7th quarterly meeting are now available.

Topics include:
  • Highland Happenings: waste water upgrade project update
  • Austin 3-1-1
  • Updates from APD Baker 3 District Representative Officer Beldin
  • New RNA Mailing List Update
  • Danielle Skidmore Candidate for Austin City Council – District 9
  • Travis Flats Update

Read the full minutes in PDF format.

Meeting Minutes from Jan-29-2018

Minutes from the January 29th quarterly meeting are now available.

Topics include:
  • 51st Street Roundabout Update
  • Emergency Home Repairs
  • Highland & Ridgetop Pond Project
  • Travis Flats (Travis County North Campus)
  • RNA Leadership (We’re looking for a VP)

Read the full minutes in PDF format.

Meeting Minutes from Sep-19-2016

Meeting started at 7:03pm – Minutes from meeting on June Meeting accepted (end of this meeting)

Travis County Presentation

Mark Gilbert and Karen Thigpin with Travis County are contacts for this project and kicked off the presentations.

Previous presentation was given in October of 2015; Travis County is currently in purchasing negotiations with the developers. See attached overview and slides for more details.

Below are the architects and developers on this project.

The mixed used residential portion of the building will provide meeting space for Ridgetop Neighborhood. Nelson Partners will look into rainwater collection system. Building will be under Austin Green Energy program.

You can watch the video of the presentation by selecting “video” for the September 6, 2016 meeting date and then clicking on Item 32.

The parking garage will be in the center of the building complex and will have housing and retail surrounding the garage blocking visibility. There are planned 350 parking spots for residents and Travis County employees. Entry and exit will be separate with flow going onto 53 ½ Street with direction exit toward Airport.

DMA is working with Travis County offering affordable housing to it employees at this site.

Suggested a traffic study for 53 ½ Street and working together with Ridgetop Neighborhood, TxDot and Travis County Planning team to improve traffic flow and safety in our neighborhood.

Commissioner Court Precinct 1 is supporting this project.

Draft timeline is attached. DMA is hopeful to have multi-living starting mid-year 2018.

Treasurers Report

$654 in the bank after dues and crawfish boil

$10 dues are yearly and can be paid at the below link:

Austin Community Tree Program

Important Dates and events

On September 17th trained volunteers canvased the entire neighborhoods (Northfield and Ridgetop) and identify locations where new trees would be appropriate. Locations were flagged and door hangers with instructions for opting into this program were left at the homes

October 1st: Last day to contact the city to opt in and request your tree(s). This establishes the number and types of trees the city will provide so it’s very important that home owners call in.

October 28th (Friday): trees and mulch are transported to Ridgetop Elementary.

October 29th (Saturday): “THE BIG DAY”. 100 volunteers, pick-up trucks, breakfast tacos, coffee, shovels, and people with clipboards…… all comes together and we distribute and plant up to 400 trees on that day.


1) We need a lot of volunteers and community engagement. There are many types of volunteering options on several dates. Kris Schludermann is the volunteer coordinator. Volunteer for the Oct. 29 tree distribution day. We will be soliciting volunteers at UT Austin and other locations, but a big neighborhood draw would be very helpful.

2) Tree types: Tall trees are: Pecan, Bur Oak and Texas Ash. Understory trees are Possumhaw Holy, Red Bud, and Mountain Laurel. Please see attached door hangers for more details.

3) Essentially all open land can receive a tree assuming it meets the requirements (i.e., A tree could survive there). We need to solicit permission from owners, and this could take some leg work. Look around the neighborhood, and if there are obvious locations you think trees would benefit the neighborhood, please contact the owners and make them aware of this program. In the case of renter homes and apartments, we should engage the tenants early to contact the property owners. One efficient scenario is to contact owners of multiple properties. My take on this is: if there is a location that you really want a tree, your leg work will help accomplish this.

4) Houses will need to be surveyed by Austin 8-1-1 for buried pipes PRIOR to October 29th. This is necessary for the volunteers to be able to dig in yard.

5) Owners of the trees do accept the responsibility of maintaining and watering the trees so the trees will establish. But all the work of planting the trees can be done by trained volunteers on October 29th.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20pm

Meeting Minutes from Jun-20-2016

Meeting opened at 7:03p by President Lisa D

-Introductions from all attendees

-Call for volunteers- although we try to keep the work as minimal as possible, we are sorely in need of some volunteers. There are always opportunities for volunteers, whether it is task specific or general involvement. Shoot us a message on our website if you are interested.

-Officer nominations/election:

President: Lisa D

VP: Meredith B

Morningside Sector VPs: Geri and Matt P

Harmon Sector VP: Jenica

Treasurer: Billy P

Secretary: Ann P

Motion made by Lisa D and seconded by Kim H to for a straight up and down vote rather than voting on each officer nomination. The nominations were unanimously approved.


Lisa D

-Hixon Storage at roughly 56th 1/2 and the frontage road has undergone demolition of the old structure and is proceeding according to schedule.

-The Alcove project at 51st and 35 has removed a story from their building plans, will be 32’ high, with the same aesthetics. Breaking ground in Sept.

-Travis county development at 53rd 1/2 and airport: currently reviewing finalist proposals, will hopefully have more information and neighborhood outreach on that once proposal is accepted.

-Manos de Cristo has some homeless camper issues at night according to nearby residents, Lisa D will reach out to Manos to ask for “No Trespassing” signs to be posted in order to allow APD enforcement. Also requesting more information on construction timeline.

-Discussion of history and several current projects involving/affecting 53rd 1/2 St traffic, speeding, roundabouts, and sidewalks, and other traffic mitigating options

-City of Austin and Tree Folks will be giving away tons of trees to north loop this summer. The North Loop Contact Team will be meeting to assist in coordinating this effort. Stay tuned for more updates.