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Updated on Nov-3-2015 – updated  developer detail by Lisa D’Augustine (RNA President)

The City of Austin has received an application for a site plan at 5656 N IH 35 SVRD SB, case number: SP-2015-0452C

For project details, including contact information for the Case Manager, click the link below or copy and paste the URL into your web browser:

The most detailed case information is often in an attachment found toward the bottom of the page by clicking the ‘View Attachment’ button. The attachment will be a pdf (viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader) or tif (viewed with Microsoft Office Document Imaging).

A site plan is a drawing that shows everything proposed to be developed on the property. It includes the density, height and setbacks, along with drainage, landscaping, sidewalk, parking and construction details of what they want to build. It also shows how the site is proposed to be used.

Site plans are required for new commercial, industrial and multi-family developments. They may also be required for redevelopment if there is a change of use, such as a former retail store being converted to a restaurant.

A team of Land Use Review staff will review the site plan to ensure that it meets all applicable City codes and ordinances. The review process often includes several rounds of update and review of updated plans.  Most site plans do not require commission approval, and may be approved administratively.  Once the site plan demonstrates compliance with all applicable codes and ordinances, staff is required to approve it.

If the applicant seeks a variance that requires commission approval or if the site plan needs overall approval by a land use commission, there will be a public hearing and you will be notified.

You can learn more about the City of Austin’s development process by visiting the Land Use Review website at http://www.austintexas.gov/department/site-and-subdivision-plans

Updated on Sep-9-2015 – original developer detail by Lisa D’Augustine (RNA President)

Hixon Properties has made contact with a proposal to create an air conditioned storage development on the site of the old Capital Inn, 5656 N IH-35 Frontage Road, with one side that adjoins the neighbors on 56th 1/2 st. They have expressed interest in working with the Ridgetop neighborhood and especially the 56th 1/2 st. neighbors, to draft a site plan that provides increased safety, noise abatement from I35 and proper fencing and landscaping to meet concerns. They would also like to display some design ideas for the structures to see what we like.

I’ve set up a location for the Q and A with their agent, Amanda Swor, Drenner Group, so anyone who would like to attend can see their paperwork, ask questions and provide them some feedback. Their expressed desire is to do something that the neighborhood would support. At the bottom of this post I have attached some of the documents provided, including a draft site plan. They will be displaying this information and covering details at Tuesday’s meeting.

Tuesday, 9/1/15 6:30pm
Ridgetop Baptist Church – 708 E 51st. Street

In addition, you can reach Amanda with any questions or concerns at her contact information below. I hope you can attend. If you can’t attend, please don’t hesitate to look through the documents and contact Amanda with questions.

Lisa D’Augustine
President, Ridgetop Neighborhood Association

Project Contact Information:
Amanda W Swor, Senior Project Manager
Drenner Group, PC | 200 Lee Barton Drive | Suite 100 | Austin, TX 78704
512-807-2904 direct | 512-496-8573 cell  | aswor@drennergroup.com | www.drennergroup.com

NEW – Added on Sep-9-2015:
     Ridgetop Project Commitment Letter  |  RNA Letter of Support

Added on Aug-26-2015:

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