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Alcove Climate Controlled Storage and Wine Storage

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Updated on Nov-3-2016 –  Planning Commission to hold hearing

This message is to let you know that the Planning Commission (PC) will hold a public hearing about a proposed development at 1000 E 50TH ST, case number: SPC-2015-0557C

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November 08, 2016 ;  301 W. 2nd Street, Council Chambers, 6:00 PM.

The Planning Commission meets regularly on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month, acting as the City of Austin’s Land Use Commission for areas with a neighborhood plan or an initiated neighborhood plan.

You are welcome to attend Planning Commission meetings. This is an opportunity for you, your neighbors, and representatives of your organization to sign up to speak on this project in a public hearing.  The commission meetings are also video recorded and viewable online at

Hearings may be postponed by the Planning Commission, city staff, or by the applicant for a variety of reasons. If the commission sets a new hearing date at the time the postponement is granted, re-notification may not be required. Contact the Case Manager with any questions.

You can learn more about the City of Austin’s development process by visiting the Land Use Review website at

Updated on Nov-23-2015 –  letters of commitment and support between developer/RNA

Manifold Real Estate provided a Letter of Commitment to the RNA on topics discussed with RNA residents. The RNA provided a Letter of Support for the project. Both are included here:

Updated on Oct-25-2015 – below is the updated detail and renderings from developer

During the week of 10/5/15, Manifold Real Estate (for Alcove Storage) distributed flyers throughout the Ridgetop neighborhood inviting neighbors to attend a presentation on 10/13/15 at Red River Church. On 10/13/15 Alcove Storage Project staff gave an open presentation to the Ridgetop neighborhood residents, with a Q/A on project details. Seven near neighbors to the project and 3 RNA officers attended.

Several project details changed from earlier discussions:

  • no below ground levels
  • on site water retention required, removing the proposed dog park from the design
  • project height changed from 3 stories facing I-35 and 2 stories on Harmon to 4 stories facing I-35 and 3 stories on Harmon Ave.
  • All parking will be in a lot (none under the building) ~ 20 spaces
  • all egress is on 50th street
  • dumpster located in the lot away from residences

Project details from earlier discussions that remain unchanged:

  • Office hours 9-6, secure access 6-9
  • Use would be short term, boutique office space on the ground floor with climate controlled general storage and wine storage in the remaining space.
  • No food establishments, liquor, beer or wine sales.
  • General “dark skies” qualified lighting
  • landscaping including drought tolerant natives, trees and walkways that join to city sidewalks
  • Rooftop solar and generator
  • no fencing around building perimeter
  • cell tower will remain

Manifold Real Estate has obtained a 60 year lease on the land and anticipates beginning construction Summer 2016. Manifold seeks a letter of support from the Ridgetop Neighborhood Association for an expansion of the conditional use to include this hybrid use of light office and air conditioned storage.

Although some key items of the project changed from the initial drawings posted in October on the RNA website, the general esthetics remain very similar for the building and landscape, setbacks, hours, lighting, security, and placement on the site. In discussions with residents and during the 10/13/15 meeting. No strong objections were heard and general support of the project was seen as long as the project as described does not change substantially from the presented vision and esthetics on 10/13/15 to RNA.

Should the proposed project features or esthetic change with the submission of the site plan to COA or COA requests changes, we are requesting that Manifold/Alcove project staff meet again with RNA officers to review the changes and reconfirm support. This is a critical extra step to any letter of support as this building is large, very close to single family homes, and is a cornerstone to the 51st street gateway to the neighborhood.

We are providing a short comment period. If no strong objections are communicated, we will proceed with next steps for a letter of support.

Lisa D’Augustine
President – Ridgetop Neighborhood Association


Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 4.15.12 PM

Updated on Sep-19-2015 – below is the original detail provided by the developer

  • Parking –  will be along I-35 frontage road with only entrance into complex from 50th Street.
  • BuildingBuilding will absorb and block a large amount of traffic noise coming from I-35, I-35 frontage road and 51st street.  Building will taper from 4 stories along I-35 to 3 stories to ensure compatibility with residential neighbors.  Down lighting throughout entire site to minimize light pollution. Enclosed dumpster within the parking lot along I-35 frontage road and 50th street
  • Landscaping 7’ landscaped walk area around site including nearly 20’ setback from the curb of Harmon Ave.  Minimal bushes for improved site safety.  Focus on drought tolerant and local plantings.  Intend to include doggie bag dispensers, a doggie drinking fountain and a dedicated dog area.  Doggie area is contingent on city approval and meeting onsite environmental and storm water requirements
  • Power Solar array to provide majority of power for development
  • Traffic In and out access along 50th street.  Hoping for minimal traffic impact from storage use; storage is among the lowest trip generators of any commercial use.
  • Other Office Space Handful of month-to-month small business office spaces along 51st street on the street.  Spaces will be targeted toward small start-ups such as Etsy shops, tech startups, and other types of tenants who need more space for their startup but cannot afford to sign long-term leases.  This is contingent on city approval within current entitlements and use restrictions
  • Proposed hoursProposed office hours of operation from 9:00am to 6:00pm.  Proposed secured access hours of operation from 6:00am to 9:00pm
  • Local architect and development teamManifold (Developer);  Chioco Design (Architect)

Project Contact Information:
Tyler Grooms | Principal | Manifold Real Estate
(619) 818-0151 |
PO Box 200463 Austin, TX 78720 |

Building Renderings with Descriptions:

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